Ravel Edition

Parution de l’enregistrement de la version révisée des “Tableaux d’une Exposition”

L’enregistrement de l’édition révisée des “Tableaux d’une exposition” de M.Moussorgski dans l’orchestration de Maurice Ravel (Ravel Edition Volume III) vient de paraître chez Harmonia Mundi. François-Xavier Roth dirige Les Siècles.


Une critique de cet album a été publié dans le journal anglais The Guardian


Roth conducts a new edition of the score that removes some of the amendments that Serge Koussevitzky made when he first conducted it, and also goes back to the manuscript of Mussorgsky’s piano original to correct some details - Ravel had to work from the “cleaned-up” edition that Rimsky-Korsakov published after Mussorgsky’s death. The result is like viewing a restored old master; every detail glows, exactly as Ravel would have imagined it.”


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